Manufacturer Models

Bettencourts Honda/Suzuki is located in West Bridgewater, MA. Our showroom has a great selection of used and new motorsport vehicles for sale. We stock the best Honda, Kymco and Suzuki manufacturer models for sale. The benefit of being an authorized dealer is that if you do not see the motorsports vehicle that you want in-stock, we would be more than happy to order the exact model you want. Also we have OEM promotions to help you save even more money on our authorized dealer motorsport vehicles. We pride ourselves on our customer service and this is our number 1 priority, so if there is anything you need, please let use know!

Bettencourts Honda/Suzuki has online secure financing to help you get a loan fast and efficiently. This new process will also save you time in the showroom, and let you play with your new powersports vehicle sooner.